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Full-service crop production assistance

The professional farm manager, under full management agreement, takes full responsibility for the farm's operations and profitability. The manager selects the farm operator or tenant, then negotiates lease terms and works with the operator to determine the annual cropping plan.


To make the best use of the farm's productivity potential, the manager calls upon his knowledge and experience to determine the number of acres to be planted for each crop, varieties of seeds and various fertilizer / chemical options.


Farm operations are supervised by the manager to ensure the plan is carried out in a timely and responsible manner. The manager also supervises the harvest, storage and marketing of the crop. After crop production expenses are paid and money is collected from crop sales, the net income is remitted to the farm owner.


Additionally, we ensure that all property taxes and insurance are up to date and we can make any necessary changes needed. We can also perform the supervision of any type of farm improvement project.


Routine management services typically require the manager to visit 10 - 12 times per year. After each visit we will send you a written report so you have an accurate accounting of your farm's progress.

We can help you manage your farm to the best of it's capabilities using our experience and knowledge of the farming industry.

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