Professional Management doesn't cost, it pays!

In most cases, our management services raise the net income of the farms we serve enough to not only pay our fee, but also increase our client's income. By charging a competitive fee, a small percentage of the rentals collected for you  (not including the operators share) - we ensure that our services remain affordable. Because our job is directly affected by the success of your business, you can be sure that we will do our very best.


With new farming technologies constantly emerging, you need an advanced team like Lallman, Paulson & Brettmann, Inc. on your side. Our extensive industry experience and true passion for farming enables us to protect the agricultural investments of our clients.


To learn more about how we can help improve the efficiency and profitability of your farm, call us today.

Your farm is an investment, just like stocks, bonds or gold. Protect that investment with the services of our experienced farm management team. Let Lallman, Paulson & Brettmann, Inc. help you with the challenges of owning your farm. We take full responsibility for your farm by providing leasing, purchasing, payment of bills and real estate taxes, crop insurance, grain markets, rent collection and more. Lallman, Paulson & Brettmann, Inc. also handles the government farm program analysis and paperwork. The farm manager visits your farm on a regular basis and keeps you fully informed.

Farm management services

Farm management

can help increase your profit margin and save you the hassle and stress of worrying about your property.

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